their Histories, Headdress & Uniforms
Chris Dale


This book tells the histories of each of the one hundred and ten cavalry regiments of the Imperial German Army of 1914 and shows their myriad uniform variations.

   The stories of the individual German cavalry regiments were tangled and confusing from their formations in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries until their final actions in the First World War. Some Prussian regiments were raised in Saxon or Russian service, a Baden regiment was raised in Bavarian service and predictably, some Hanoverian regiments were raised in British service. Many German cavalry regiments served on opposing sides in the Silesian and Napoleonic Wars. Some served in the Bavarian Greek Mission, the Scottish Jacobite Rebellions, the American War of Independence and the disastrous Invasion of Russia. Many clashed against each other during the brief Austro-Prussian War but they were all united against common enemies in the Franco-Prussian and First World Wars. Throughout this time their titles as cuirassiers, dragoons, hussars, lancers and others, frequently changed as did their uniforms and insignia, which became even more complicated between each different designated branch of cavalry, their home states, battle honours and other idiosyncrasies.

   This volume is intended as an accompaniment to my previous work, 'Traditions of the Imperial German Infantry Regiments', also available via Amazon.

The 270 page full colour book is richly illustrated with period photographs and paintings, dozens of photographs of helmets and uniforms in modern collections and exclusive new illustrated charts of every regiment.

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