their Histories, Uniforms & Pickelhauben
Chris Dale

  This book takes a look into the histories of each of the two hundred and seventeen infantry regiments (and eighteen light infantry battalions) that made up the Imperial German army. We trace the regiments of 1914 back to their roots as the famous Potsdam giants, the Hessian mercenaries in America, the Bavarians who allied to Napoleon and the Prussians who arrived just in time to defeat him at Waterloo. Their histories are many and varied. Some of the earliest regiments had their origins in Dutch, Swedish or British service, while other later units were raised from conscripts in annexed territories, many of whom did not even have German as a home a language but spoke Polish, Czech, Danish, French or Alsatian as a mother tongue.

We also examine how the different traditions of each regiment often determined their uniform distinctions as royal monograms on shoulder straps, battle honours on their helmet plates or different coloured cockades on their headdress.

The 250 page full colour book is richly illustrated with period photographs and paintings, dozens of photographs of Pickelhauben in modern collections and exclusive new illustrated charts of every regiment.

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“Every once in a while, a book comes along in the World War One niche that makes you pause, catch your breath and realize what you have just digested. This timely and authoritative book should be on the shelf of every serious student of the First World War.”
Joe Robinson
"The author has evidently taken great pleasure in unearthing charming idiosyncrasies such as regimental nicknames to add colour to his descriptions. Illustrations include colour photos of every variation of Pickelhaube and Tschako, numerous black-and-white period photographs, a few historic paintings of the earlier conflicts and a comprehensive set of colour plates showing the helmet, shoulder strap and cuff for every one of the featured units."
Andrew Lucas
"The best aspect of this book is just how easy it is to use. There have been a few books in the past that have been rather complicated to work with. Good value for money and something as a headdress collector I shall use often."
Oliver Lock

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