Duchy of Nassau
Infantry Helmet M1849

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Nassau Infantry Other Ranks Helmet M1849

The Nassau contingent adopted an interesting leather helmet in 1849. It was based on the Prussian Pickelhaube but having a unique style of ball in place of the spike. It had yellow metal fittings and a rounded peak. Other ranks had plain buttons on the cruciform base, while officers had yellow metal stars. A white horsehair plume replaced the ball on parade.

The front plate was an eight pointed star with a crowned Nassau shield in the centre bearing a lion rampant. Generals' helmets had the shield enamelled in blue, with red details on the crown. On the right side chin scale boss was a Nassau cockade, orange/ blue/ orange.

The helmet did not prove popular and was replaced by an Austrian style shako in 1862.

In the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 Nassau fought against Prussia at the Battle of Tauberbischofsheim.


Officers Helmet with parade plume,
note the stars on the cruciform base
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Illustration by Richard Knötel from 'Uniformkunde'