Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Grenadier Guards Helmet M1848

PB Collection


Mecklenburg-Schwerin Grenadier Guards Other Ranks Helmet M1848

Mecklenburg-Schwerin adopted a Prussian style Pickelhaube in 1848. It had a squared peak, yellow metal fittings and the Mecklenburg four way fluted spike with a ball top. The front plate was a yellow metal Mecklenburg-Schwerin oval star with the coat of arms crowned n the white metal on an oval shield. The Mecklenburg (blue/yellow/red) cockade was worn under the right side chinstrap boss.

The 1st Battalion of the first of the two Mecklenburg-Schwerin infantry regiments was named the Grenadier Garde Bataillon and wore the same helmet with several distinctions. Under the front plate coat of arms they wore a plaque reading Grenadier Garde and their chin scale boss bore a grenade motif. On special parades they wore the Grand Ducal crown instead of the Mecklenburg spike and a ribbon cockade in striped reverse colours (yellow/red/blue).


Note the Crown top and Ribbon style cockade