Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Dragoon Helmet M1848

Military History Museum, Rastatt

  Mecklenburg-Schwerin Other Ranks Dragoon Helmet M1848

Several German states such as Hanover, Hessen-Cassel, Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Schwerin adopted Prussian style, polished metal, lobster tailed, spiked helmets in the 1840s, each with their own variations. Mecklenburg-Schwerin adopted such a helmet for their Dragoon Regiment in 1848. Knötel notes the date at 1847, which is possibly when they were first planned though long before they were manufactured or issued.

The helmets were polished white steel with yellow metal fittings. They varied from the Prussian design by having the Mecklenburg four way fluted spike with a ball tip, the Mecklenburg blue-yellow-red cockade under the right side chinstrap boss and  the crowned Mecklenburg-Schwerin heraldic star on the front. White horsehair plumes (red for musicians) were worn on parade.

This example is on display at the Military History Museum in  Rastatt. It weighs 1050g without its inner lining and is 315mm tall.

Two orders for the helmets were made. On 31 August 1848, 452 helmets were ordered and on 31 December 1848 a further 285 were commissioned. But in 1865 the helmets were replaced with a more practical shako.
Military History Museum, Rastatt


Side view of the helmet and cockade
Military History Museum, Rastatt


Illustration by Richard Knötel from 'Uniformkunde'