Duchy of Lauenburg
Jäger Pickelhaube M1848

PB Collection


Lauenburg Jäger Officers Pickelhaube M1848

The Duchy of Lauenburg adopted Prussian style Pickelhaube with the formation of a Jäger Battalion as their single contribution to the German Federal Army in 1848. All fittings were in yellow metal. The front peaked was squared and the front plate was an eight pointed star with a round white metal badge bearing the Lauenburg horse emblem. The helmet has the German Confederation cockade (black/ red/ gold) on the right side and the Duchy's cockade (blue/ white/ red) on the left.

The Duke of Lauenburg was the King of Denmark until the Second Schleswig War of 1864, when the Duchy went to Prussia. The King of Prussia became Duke of Lauenburg soon after and from 1866 the Jäger Battalion became the 9th Jäger Battalion of the Prussian army. In 1876, the Duchy was formally dissolved and became part of the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein.


Close up of the front plate