Duchy of Holstein
Infantry Pickelhaube M1851

PB Collection


Holstein Infantry Officers Pickelhaube M1851

The Schleswig-Holstein Army that had fought in the First Schleswig War of 1848-49 was disbanded in 1851 and a Holstein contingent was raised for the German Confederation and issued a new Prussian style Pickelhaube.

It had yellow metal fittings and squared peak. The front plate was an eight pointed star with the points at diagonal rather than top and bottom alignment. On the star was a white metal shield bearing the Holstein Nettle leaf emblem.

The cockade worn under the right side chin scale boss was in Holstein colours (blue/white/red) and on the left side, the German Confederation yellow/red/black.

In 1852, the Holstein contingent was incorporated into the Danish Army.


Close up of the front plate