Free City of Hamburg
Infantry Pickelhaube M1843

Military History Museum, Rastatt


Hamburg Infantry Other Ranks Pickelhaube M1843

The Infantry and Jäger adopted a Prussian style Pickelhaube before in 1843. It was distinguished by a four way fluted spike with a ball tip and a front peak with rounded corners. Other ranks had plain buttons on the cruciform base, while officers had yellow metal stars.

The front plate was an eight pointed star bearing the Hamburg of arms as a three towered castle on a white metal round shield. This was enamelled for officers.

The Hanseatic cockade (white with a red Maltese cross) was worn under the right side chin scale boss. Between 1848 and 1856 a Federal cockade (yellow/red/black) was worn under the left side chin scale boss.

The other ranks example shown above is on display at the Military History Musueeum at Rastatt. It weighs 910g and is 335mm tall.

In the Spring of 1866 Hamburg replaced the Pickelhaube with an Austrian style shako. During the Austro-Prussian War, Hamburg supported Prussia but their contingent did not see action.


Front Plate of the Other Ranks Helmet the three towered castle of Hamburg
Military History Museum, Rastatt

Officers Hamburg Infantry Pickelhaube c1866
Note the officer's version has the same ball tipped spike and an enamelled Hamburg coat of arms. Note also officer's stars of the spike base.
Bavarian Army Museum, Ingolstadt 


Illustration by Richard Knötel from 'Uniformkunde'