Free City of Bremen
Infantry Pickelhaube M1846

PB Collection


Bremen Infantry Officers Pickelhaube M1846

The Bremen Infantry adopted a Prussian style uniform in green and a Pickelhaube for their single infantry battalion in 1846. The helmets were ordered from the firm Linke in Berlin.

All fittings were in white metal metal. The front peaked was squared and the front plate was an eight pointed star with a crowned Bremen coat of arms, consisting of a shield bearing the Key to the city supported by two lions.

Under the left chin scale boss was a cockade of the Hanseatic cross in red on a white background and on the right side it had the Federal cockade in yellow/ red/ black. This helmet weighs 830g and is 365mm high.

In 1862 the Pickelhaube was discarded for a simple green kepi with the Hanseatic cross cockade at the top.



Beck's Brewery in Bremen still uses the key on a shield in Hanseatic colours to this day